The Basics Of A Stretch Film Wrapper

stretch wrapping machine

Before getting into the hard facts that go along with a stretch film wrapper, it’s also important to look at the material that is used to do the wrapping. In other words, let’s start at the beginning and work up to the good stuff.

The Wrapping Materials

As the name suggests, a wrapper uses stretch film to seal various products and more (see Stretch film is a see-through plastic that shrinks when heated and it tightly seals whatever the content of the package may be. It can also be used to bundle items that are stacked on a pallet or smaller bundles, which makes shipping and transportation much easier.

Stretch Film Wrapper

Now for the machines that makes everyday life easier for both big and small corporations. Starting off with the manual wrappers, they are the less expensive choice in terms of machinery. There 3 kinds of hand or manual wrappers, namely the extended core, mechanical brake and pole wrappers. All things considered, the extended core manual wrapper is the least popular, seeing as it doesn’t give much support in terms of stretch control. It’s also not very healthy for hands.

The semi-automatic machines on the other hand are very popular, especially for smaller stores. Sealing fresh produce, such as meat, fruit, vegetables and fish are very quick and easy. The three main semi-automatic wrapping machines consist of the turntable wrapper, orbital wrapper and the rotary arm wrapper. Because these machines are semi-automatic they require a designated person to constantly stand by and operate them.

Last but not least, we have the automatic wrappers. They are mostly used by big corporations that have to seal a lot of products while keeping shipping effectiveness in mind. The best known models are the turntable wrappers, rotary arm wrappers and the rotary ring wrappers. They are more than capable of getting the wrapping jobs done by themselves.

The Benefits

Using stretch film wrappers are great for several things. It improves the stability of products that form a single load, in addition to making the handling a lot easier. It also adds a degree of protection from natural elements. You can find out more about purchasing a stretch film wrapper via RT Agencies.


Without stretch film wrappers supermarkets and big corporations are going to have a hard time keeping certain products fresh and spreading them across stores. The moment something isn’t wrapped with stretch film it’s not going to be touched by consumers, not to mention the mess involved with transportation functionality.