Industrial Power Generators – Needed to Keep the Tar Sands Moving

Electricity is known to be the chief power source for machines and computers in any serious organization or business. However, the term ‘blackout‘ would have never been in existence if the main power supply could have been available throughout. Due to reasons such as lower power generation from the source at time blackout do occur resulting in a state of no power. It was against such occurrence that alternative power backups were designed, industrial generators being one of them.

Who needs an Industrial Generators?

Any organization, institution or a business which relies on continuous power supply need Industrial generators. Among the many benefits associated with installation of industrial generators are power continuity, safety of electric appliances, and continuity of production process in case of a production firm.

An industrial power generator

By StcudorPrewoP (Own Work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Power Continuity

Having an industrial generator installed in your power is a total solution to the problem of black out since upon blackout, the generator picks up. This ensures continuity in production and supply of power.

Safety of electric appliances

If an industrial generator is properly installed and linked to the mains power supply, there will always be a smooth transition and whenever the mains goes off, the generator picks up and on resume of the mains, the generator goes off. This is achievable through installation of a wet cell that stores power and temporarily supply power within the few 2 to 3 seconds before the generator picks up in an event of black out. This smooth transition of power supply during and after power blackout ensures constant and correct flow of current which if not achieved, can cause fluctuations and power surge which is known to affect electrical appliances.

Continuity of Production process

The current Industrial generators, with power ratings of 1000’s kVA, are as powerful as the main electricity supply and in an event of blackout, existence of such generator will make the production process to continue since all the machines would be powered by the generator.

There are also other types of generators that can be termed as regular generators that can serve as a source of power backup though there are various reasons why they cannot match industrial generators.

Differences between Industrial Generators and regular generators

  1. Industrial Generators are more powerful than regular generators. This implies that, a 32 kVA IG can power both start-up and running of a machine whereas a regular generator of the same voltage might only be able to run the same machine but not to start it up.
  2. Auto-start Industrial generator is able to start automatically when the mains goes off and vice versa whereas with a regular generator, you will need to start it manually in an event of black out and again put it off manually when the mains has resumed.


Having an Industrial generator installed in your firm is a real solution to power problem. Your normal routine can never stop because of a power blackout. Try any of such generators such as the XQ 125, XQ 175, XQ 180 or any other and you will always be on the move.