Practical Applications For Tamper Proof Screws

Security screws are uniquely designed screws that cannot be removed using standard screwdrivers. These types of screws are ideal for applications where added security is required to prevent theft, vandalism or unauthorized entry.

example security screws

Example tamper proof screw types

The main concept behind the screws is that they require a specially shaped tool in order to be removed. Without this tool, would-be thieves or vandals are unable to remove the screws, keeping your building or property secure and protected from harm.

Some of these screws also come with a low-profile top, which makes them impossible to grab with pliers, adding an extra layer of security. Likewise, some screws can be countersunk or installed flush with the surface, which also prevents removal with pliers.

Application Areas for Security Screws

security screw on license plate

Security screws are great for preventing license plate theft

In terms of practical applications, these screws are ideal for use on any areas that need to be protected from unauthorized access. For instance, you could use them on the hinges of a door so that a thief couldn’t just unscrew the hinges to gain access to the building.

These screws can also be used to secure expensive products such as video projectors or electronics in place, preventing people from simply walking off with them. After all, if they are unable to remove the screws, they won’t be able to steal the item.

Interestingly, security screws are also used on slot machines and ATM machines to prevent unauthorized access. Using these types of screws makes it impossible for thieves to break in and tamper with the machines.

As you can see, there are a number of different practical uses for security screws. If you are looking for a way to keep your products or property safe and secure, these simple screws could be the ideal solution. Just be sure to purchase them from a security screws company that has a solid reputation within the


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