Valve Actuation in the Production Industry

Valve refers to an opening that channels fluids or controls the passage of fluids in vessels. A valve exists in human bodies. A valve can be mechanical too. Meaning it can be found in machines. Valves in devices contain gasses or fluidized solids. A good example of a mechanical valve is a water pipe. Valves are typically positioned from a high level to a lower level. The positioning of valves

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determines its effectiveness. You can find valves in sewers, mining, plastic and oil processing machines.

Valve actuation

Valve actuation is the process of opening and closing a valve. Valve actuation is a term used in operating mechanical valves. Power generation is involved in the production electricity. Stanley Clarke of, a manufacturer of various types of valves, comments “In the process of generating electricity, there is the channeling of hydraulic pressure through the valves. Hence, valve actuation is required.”

Hydraulic pressure depends on valve actuation for rapid operation. You can use valve actuators to open or close a channel. Valve actuators may also allow direct position. An example of a valve actuator is the electricity switch which depends on an electric actuator to operate. Below is a classification of valve actuators:

  • Electric actuators -uses electric motor for operation
  • Manual actuators- use gears or wheels, manually operated
  • Pneumatic actuators -uses gas or air for operation
  • Hydraulic actuators – uses water for operation
  • Spring actuators – uses spring to perform


Valve automation

Automation refers to the use of machines with less human effort. Automation involves a series of operating systems and machinery with less intervention from people. Examples of tools include:

  • Aircraft
  • Processing in industries
  • Machinery
  • Telephone connectivity

Valve automation is the process of operating valve actuators with little or no human effort. In the power generation industry, valves are vital. Valves channel water, gas and fluidized air to the relevant channels. Power production is a perilous activity. Therefore, valves have a convenient location for ease of operation. At Emerson Process Management, Valve Automation is made easy. All your needs for valves shall be met. Depending on your requirement, Emerson Process Management will meet your needs.

Emerson Process produces market tested valve automation. Having been crafted by professionals, valve automation at Emerson Process is made efficient. From electric, hydraulic, to pneumatic needs, Emerson Process is there to serve you. The global presence of valve automation eases accessibility. After the sale of valve automation, a package of maintenance is provided. There shall be no need of spending consultation fee on different consultants.

The production industry is fast growing. Machinery is hence essential in the market. With the growth in production, there is the need to invest in high-quality valve actuators. There is also need to invest in valve automation. Some of the processes involved in the production of energy and power are life threatening. Valve automation becomes crucial in such instances. Little or no human effort is required. The little human effort saves time. The cost of hiring human effort will also reduce. Valve automation makes production easy.