What Is The Role Of Professional Asbestos Remediation Companies?

Just the mere mention of asbestos stops companies in their tracks. It is the source of mesothelioma lawsuits advertised on television and has impacted generations of construction workers, plumbers, and shipyard workers. When an office or industrial building are set for sale, renovation or even demolition, a building may require handling of asbestos.

What Is Asbestos And Why Does It Matter?

Anthophyllite_asbestos_SEMMaybe you own an office building and your company sells paperclips and staples. What could you care about asbestos?

Well, asbestos is made up of long fibers. If the material is agitated or just moved slightly it goes airborne, where it may land in employees’, customers’ and other visitors’ lungs. It festers and causes mesothelioma and breathing problems.

The latter portion results in costly lawsuits and deadly disease. The other reason it matters is because asbestos was used throughout buildings, from the cement used to seal pipes to ceiling tiles, flooring, insulation, in paint, and even roofing shingles and siding. It was used in nearly every aspect of housing and buildings.

Production of asbestos began dropping off until it finally was ceased full in the early 1980’s. The final products were sold and used up by the late 1990s, nearly the turn of the new millennium. Therein lies the problem. A building can have asbestos in place, but it is not known by a visual inspection whether it is there or not. The other issue is that asbestos that has been in place in older buildings for nearly 80 years may be wearing away and entering a building’s water supply, just as one example.

Special Asbestos Evaluation

Asbestos has an interesting quality where it is fine as long as it is not touched. It means that even taking a sample of insulation that may contain asbestos requires special care and following special precautions.

Finding Qualified Professionals

img94joktmu73174Choosing a professional asbestos remediation firm is a challenging process. In the best case scenario, asbestos is identified and is safely removed. In the worst case scenario, the asbestos is jostled and set free, not captured and removed in time to do more damage.

Look for experienced professionals as one part of the formula to locate the right Edmonton asbestos removal company for your building. Time is not always an indication of success, but it is likely to point to quality work in this case. Find out what type of training the professionals have, and see if they will answer questions about how to identify and remediate the asbestos.

An old standard in the world of construction, engineering, and anything else related to building is the Blue Book. Check out The Blue Book online to find local listings of professional asbestos remediation companies. Local listings that have the blessing of a state body overseeing them may be another excellent resource to ensuring that asbestos remediation is performed in line with good practices. This ensures that asbestos is removed, abated, and remediated in a manner that will allow for a healthy building without traces of asbestos that may harm employees, workers, and products used or stored in buildings.

Asbestos is a tough problem because it potentially lurks behind every wall, around pipes, in ceilings, roofs, on the exterior, and even in the water lines. It is hard to imagine performing any renovations on buildings built prior to the late 1990’s without making plans to incorporate an asbestos evaluation as a part of the process. It would be potentially dangerous to any contractors, demolition teams, and anyone within the vicinity of your building.

Be safety conscious when making plans to perform renovations. Always have the building checked for asbestos. For more information check out this GooglePlus asbestos page.

The Prevalence Of Asbestos In Industrial Complexes In Edmonton AB

The term “asbestos” refers to a group of naturally occurring fibrous minerals that were used to insulate commercial and industrial buildings. They were common construction materials between 1950s and in the 1970s in the Edmonton area. This was due to their superior flame retardant and non-combustible properties. Furthermore, they are versatile and strong materials, thus, they were used to fortify piping systems, cement, plastics and other construction materials.

However, in the modern Canadian construction industry this material is no longer used for either residential or industrial complexes. In fact, it is a regulated and designated substance. This is due to a number of health complications, it is associated with. Since it is a lightweight material, it can be absorbed into the body, thereby causing a number of respiratory illness and cancer. Studies conducted on prolonged exposure have indicated that it is associated with lung cancer, mesothelioma, fatal scarring of the lungs and sick building syndrome.

Workers removing asbestos wall material

Removing Asbestos from Walls

The current state of asbestos in Edmonton, Alberta
The numerous tests and research conducted in the recent few months indicate that asbestos is still prevalent in industrial complexes in Edmonton. It is a fact that we can’t deny at all cost. For instance, a number of industrial complexes were constructed either before or in the mid-1980s. This was a time when this was the primary material used for insulation. As a matter of fact, its prevalence has been the main reason for the high demand for companies providing asbestos testing in Edmonton.

There are a number of signs that your industrial complex could have asbestos and these include:
1. A vinyl tile with distinct white spots
2. “The popcorn” ceiling constructed over 25yrs ago
3. Vermiculite insulation
4. Pipes with white wrapping at the basement

The good thing about this problem is that, there are a number of certified companies that have specialized in asbestos inspection, laboratory testing and removal. This test aims at identifying the presence of asbestos in the industrial complexes.

The asbestos removal companies will examine the suspicious sections or materials. Thereafter, thorough laboratory tests are conducted to validate the speculations. The presence of these fibers is difficult to detect via visual inspection.

Normally, the asbestos tests and inspections may first focus on the in-house air analysis to detect any airborne asbestos. The companies employ a number of testing techniques and mechanisms that may include The Fiber Counting (NIOSH 7400) or The Polarized Light Microscopy (NIOSH 9002).

In the province of Alberta, this is one of those industries that is highly regulated to ensure the removal and accurate testing of all suspicious materials. Only companies that are licensed and certified are allowed to conduct these procedures. This is because these fibers are considered highly hazardous so their removal should be controlled.

It is important to hire a company with the right asbestos testing and analyzing equipment. For this reason, you need to validate the company experience based on their previous work. If possible, they should be members of professional bodies such as the Alberta Government Certified Technicians and Procedures or the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certifications Recipient.