Practical Applications For Security Screws

Security screws are uniquely designed screws that cannot be removed using standard screwdrivers. These types of screws are ideal for applications where added security is required to prevent theft, vandalism or unauthorized entry.

example security screws

Example tamper proof screw types

The main concept behind the screws is that they require a specially shaped tool in order to be removed. Without this tool, would-be thieves or vandals are unable to remove the screws, keeping your building or property secure and protected from harm.

Some of these screws also come with a low-profile top, which makes them impossible to grab with pliers, adding an extra layer of security. Likewise, some screws can be countersunk or installed flush with the surface, which also prevents removal with pliers.

Application Areas for Security Screws

security screw on license plate

Security screws are great for preventing license plate theft

In terms of practical applications, these screws are ideal for use on any areas that need to be protected from unauthorized access. For instance, you could use them on the hinges of a door so that a thief couldn’t just unscrew the hinges to gain access to the building.

These screws can also be used to secure expensive products such as video projectors or electronics in place, preventing people from simply walking off with them. After all, if they are unable to remove the screws, they won’t be able to steal the item.

Interestingly, security screws are also used on slot machines and ATM machines to prevent unauthorized access. Using these types of screws makes it impossible for thieves to break in and tamper with the machines.

As you can see, there are a number of different practical uses for security screws. If you are looking for a way to keep your products or property safe and secure, these simple screws could be the ideal solution. Just be sure to purchase them from a security screws company that has a solid reputation within the



The Prevalence Of Asbestos In Industrial Complexes In Edmonton AB

The term “asbestos” refers to a group of naturally occurring fibrous minerals that were used to insulate commercial and industrial buildings. They were common construction materials between 1950s and in the 1970s in the Edmonton area. This was due to their superior flame retardant and non-combustible properties. Furthermore, they are versatile and strong materials, thus, they were used to fortify piping systems, cement, plastics and other construction materials.

However, in the modern Canadian construction industry this material is no longer used for either residential or industrial complexes. In fact, it is a regulated and designated substance. This is due to a number of health complications, it is associated with. Since it is a lightweight material, it can be absorbed into the body, thereby causing a number of respiratory illness and cancer. Studies conducted on prolonged exposure have indicated that it is associated with lung cancer, mesothelioma, fatal scarring of the lungs and sick building syndrome.

Workers removing asbestos wall material

Removing Asbestos from Walls

The current state of asbestos in Edmonton, Alberta
The numerous tests and research conducted in the recent few months indicate that asbestos is still prevalent in industrial complexes in Edmonton. It is a fact that we can’t deny at all cost. For instance, a number of industrial complexes were constructed either before or in the mid-1980s. This was a time when this was the primary material used for insulation. As a matter of fact, its prevalence has been the main reason for the high demand for companies providing asbestos testing in Edmonton.

There are a number of signs that your industrial complex could have asbestos and these include:
1. A vinyl tile with distinct white spots
2. “The popcorn” ceiling constructed over 25yrs ago
3. Vermiculite insulation
4. Pipes with white wrapping at the basement

The good thing about this problem is that, there are a number of certified companies that have specialized in asbestos inspection, laboratory testing and removal. This test aims at identifying the presence of asbestos in the industrial complexes.

The asbestos removal companies will examine the suspicious sections or materials. Thereafter, thorough laboratory tests are conducted to validate the speculations. The presence of these fibers is difficult to detect via visual inspection.

Normally, the asbestos tests and inspections may first focus on the in-house air analysis to detect any airborne asbestos. The companies employ a number of testing techniques and mechanisms that may include The Fiber Counting (NIOSH 7400) or The Polarized Light Microscopy (NIOSH 9002).

In the province of Alberta, this is one of those industries that is highly regulated to ensure the removal and accurate testing of all suspicious materials. Only companies that are licensed and certified are allowed to conduct these procedures. This is because these fibers are considered highly hazardous so their removal should be controlled.

It is important to hire a company with the right asbestos testing and analyzing equipment. For this reason, you need to validate the company experience based on their previous work. If possible, they should be members of professional bodies such as the Alberta Government Certified Technicians and Procedures or the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certifications Recipient.

The Basics Of A Stretch Film Wrapper

stretch wrapping machine

Before getting into the hard facts that go along with a stretch film wrapper, it’s also important to look at the material that is used to do the wrapping. In other words, let’s start at the beginning and work up to the good stuff.

The Wrapping Materials

As the name suggests, a wrapper uses stretch film to seal various products and more (see Stretch film is a see-through plastic that shrinks when heated and it tightly seals whatever the content of the package may be. It can also be used to bundle items that are stacked on a pallet or smaller bundles, which makes shipping and transportation much easier.

Stretch Film Wrapper

Now for the machines that makes everyday life easier for both big and small corporations. Starting off with the manual wrappers, they are the less expensive choice in terms of machinery. There 3 kinds of hand or manual wrappers, namely the extended core, mechanical brake and pole wrappers. All things considered, the extended core manual wrapper is the least popular, seeing as it doesn’t give much support in terms of stretch control. It’s also not very healthy for hands.

The semi-automatic machines on the other hand are very popular, especially for smaller stores. Sealing fresh produce, such as meat, fruit, vegetables and fish are very quick and easy. The three main semi-automatic wrapping machines consist of the turntable wrapper, orbital wrapper and the rotary arm wrapper. Because these machines are semi-automatic they require a designated person to constantly stand by and operate them.

Last but not least, we have the automatic wrappers. They are mostly used by big corporations that have to seal a lot of products while keeping shipping effectiveness in mind. The best known models are the turntable wrappers, rotary arm wrappers and the rotary ring wrappers. They are more than capable of getting the wrapping jobs done by themselves.

The Benefits

Using stretch film wrappers are great for several things. It improves the stability of products that form a single load, in addition to making the handling a lot easier. It also adds a degree of protection from natural elements. You can find out more about purchasing a stretch film wrapper via RT Agencies.


Without stretch film wrappers supermarkets and big corporations are going to have a hard time keeping certain products fresh and spreading them across stores. The moment something isn’t wrapped with stretch film it’s not going to be touched by consumers, not to mention the mess involved with transportation functionality.

Industrial Power Generators – Needed to Keep the Tar Sands Moving

Electricity is known to be the chief power source for machines and computers in any serious organization or business. However, the term ‘blackout‘ would have never been in existence if the main power supply could have been available throughout. Due to reasons such as lower power generation from the source at time blackout do occur resulting in a state of no power. It was against such occurrence that alternative power backups were designed, industrial generators being one of them.

Who needs an Industrial Generators?

Any organization, institution or a business which relies on continuous power supply need Industrial generators. Among the many benefits associated with installation of industrial generators are power continuity, safety of electric appliances, and continuity of production process in case of a production firm.

An industrial power generator

By StcudorPrewoP (Own Work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Power Continuity

Having an industrial generator installed in your power is a total solution to the problem of black out since upon blackout, the generator picks up. This ensures continuity in production and supply of power.

Safety of electric appliances

If an industrial generator is properly installed and linked to the mains power supply, there will always be a smooth transition and whenever the mains goes off, the generator picks up and on resume of the mains, the generator goes off. This is achievable through installation of a wet cell that stores power and temporarily supply power within the few 2 to 3 seconds before the generator picks up in an event of black out. This smooth transition of power supply during and after power blackout ensures constant and correct flow of current which if not achieved, can cause fluctuations and power surge which is known to affect electrical appliances.

Continuity of Production process

The current Industrial generators, with power ratings of 1000’s kVA, are as powerful as the main electricity supply and in an event of blackout, existence of such generator will make the production process to continue since all the machines would be powered by the generator.

There are also other types of generators that can be termed as regular generators that can serve as a source of power backup though there are various reasons why they cannot match industrial generators.

Differences between Industrial Generators and regular generators

  1. Industrial Generators are more powerful than regular generators. This implies that, a 32 kVA IG can power both start-up and running of a machine whereas a regular generator of the same voltage might only be able to run the same machine but not to start it up.
  2. Auto-start Industrial generator is able to start automatically when the mains goes off and vice versa whereas with a regular generator, you will need to start it manually in an event of black out and again put it off manually when the mains has resumed.


Having an Industrial generator installed in your firm is a real solution to power problem. Your normal routine can never stop because of a power blackout. Try any of such generators such as the XQ 125, XQ 175, XQ 180 or any other and you will always be on the move.

The Tar Pits – Benefits and Pitfalls

Resting underneath the beautiful boreal forest of Alberta, Canada are the world’s second largest tested oil reserves after Saudi Arabia. Reserves the governments of Alberta and Canada as well as basically every major oil business worldwide would like to manipulate – despite it risking loose environment change and a neighborhood ecological calamity.

Strip mining is the simplest and also most typical many ways to mine for oil sands. To strip mine, we just need to dig a big pit. We can take in huge vehicles and bulldozers to obtain the oil sands out of the ground. We obtain the oil sands on the trucks and then combine them with water. This helps separate the globs and turn the oil sands right into a much more liquefied material called slurry. Turning the oil sands right into slurry makes it feasible to move through pipelines to a plant. At the plant, the oil is divided from the sand as well as the oil is sent to a refinery for handling. Right here, the oil can be turned into artificial oil and various other petroleum items.

The brand-new growth as well as exploitation of resources considered 2nd in size just to those discovered in Saudi Arabia will undoubtedly require big brand-new investments in oil industry facilities and also knowledge. Research and development of new removal approaches are likewise critical, especially with regard to the special difficulties involved in removing a ‘massive’ kind of petroleum trapped in the sand as well as making it completely fluid to ensure that it could take a trip down pipelines prepared for refining into gas and other hydrocarbon items. Financial investment is assured to be substantial. For example, ConocoPhillips alone is committing someplace between US $300 as well as $500 million over the next five years in modern technology and in taking care of the ecological issues related to the removal.

Both the mining and also handling of tar sands can have severe environmental effects; big areas are removed so that the tar sands come – this is referred to as deforestation as well as can cause flooding, landslides as well as the loss of wild animals on a ravaging level. This and the emission of greenhouse gases from machinery and also the use of CARBON DIOXIDE are just two instances – however exactly what stay up as well as take notice examples they are. A lot more worryingly, in the short term at the very least, are the social impacts. The threat of flooding and day-to-day water scarcities would make life quite tough to live as we currently perform in the established globe.

There is so much oil there that production is not visiting stop anytime quickly. It requires an incredible quantity of water and also various other sources to keep the tar sands job going. If there was a plan to clean up the mess and also restore it to near its original disorder, it would certainly be great.

The worldwide recession shelved a variety of jobs throughout all industries, yet tasks that were formerly being shelved are now getting authorized. As this trend continues, confidence in the stability of the oil sands will expand. Large business such as Power and also Canadian Natural Resources are anticipated to reveal significant brand-new campaigns, and as this begins to take place self-confidence in the viability of the oil sands will certainly grow, making financial investment chances look very eye-catching to investors.

If mining isn’t a probability a selection of systems could be used In Situ to draw out the oil from the ground.. One of the most common of these is Steam Assisted Gravitational force Drainage, in this system two wells are pierced alongside, steam is after that infused right into among the wells. This head thaws the asphalt makings it flow with the second well. This system enables around 60 % of the oil to be recovered. Clearly the energy needed to make the warmth and vapor make this system of production a lot more costly compared to traditional boring yet it succeeds sufficient to bring down the expense of developing oil sands to a practical level.

To obtain the most value below i believe you must look for smaller business that have civil liberties to presently under-developed items of the Alberta Sands, as they will certainly be severe prospects for future development or acquistions.